“Our House”, the co-production of Ishyo Arts Centre and Helios Theatre

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“You don’t live here anymore.”

The Ensemble of “Our House” is now reunited and in the midst of in the third and last set of rehearsals before the premiere.

How to build a house? What is it like living in this house? Where is it safer – inside or outside? What is it like to leave the house? What if, when you come back later, it is no longer here – or suddenly inhabited by other people?

“Our House”, the co-production of Helios Theatre (Hamm, Germany) and Ishyo Arts Centre (Kigali, Rwanda) is developed for everybody 12 years+ and performed mainly in English language.
The Germany premiere will take place on Saturday the 17th September at 7:00 pm at HELIOS theater.

More information on:

  • https://www.facebook.com/HELIOS-Theater-179833118696533/
  • http://www.helios-theater.de/index.php?id=8


Ishyo Team

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