Ongoing projects


Un spectacle d’Ishyo Arts Center et Point Zéro en coproduction avec l’Atelier Jean Vilar, le Théâtre de Poche, le Théâtre de Namur, Mons sur Mars, Le Grand T, Cestcentral La Louvière, La Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne, la Coop Asb. Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et de Shelterprod,, ING et et du Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge. Avec l’aide de Wallonie Bruxelles International et du CITF.

The Fabrik

Almost 17 years after its creation, Ishyo starts a new journey: the construction of a new arts center dedicated to support creative, experimental and cross-disciplinary arts programs and the sustainability of arts and culture in Rwanda and the sub-region: the Fabrik. This new and practical tool will be designed to accommodate young artists and will be a space to develop new skills, freely create and connect with various communities of artists, experts and audiences.

Kesho Project

Cultural cooperation project developed by Ishyo Arts Centre (Kigali / Rwanda) and Théâtre de la Poudrerie (Sevran / France) around the development of participatory arts, their potential role and the contribution of creative and cultural industries to social, environmental and human development. Humanity is facing a global health crisis that has plunged us into uncertainty, insecurity and suffering. It is as much a social disaster as it is an economic and ecological one that has affected the entire planet. This crisis has also highlighted the dysfunctions of globalisation - inequalities, democratic shortcomings, ecological disasters, and their impact on the most vulnerable people. What role will the arts and culture play in this process of reflection already underway about the world after?

Upcoming Events

Masa 2024

Ishyo Arts Centre is representing Rwanda at the MASA Festival as part of the delegation from our nation, which is the special guest country of this MASA edition. This remarkable opportunity not only showcases the rich cultural heritage of Rwanda but also highlights the diverse artistic expressions emerging from our arts scene. As a leading cultural institution, Ishyo Arts Centre is honored to be part of this gathering, where we have the chance to connect with fellow artists, cultural enthusiasts, and industry professionals from across the globe.

Paper Skin

Date : June 2024
Age Range: 10 to 99 years old
Other details are to be communicated soon
Paper skin is a theater play that explores resilience, love, and the power of storytelling, transcending spoken words. Where a girl deprived formal education finds solace in a print workshop, teaching herself to read. Marrying a man with a love for storytelling, they raise two children, one of whom is speechless. Despite society's judgments, the family thrives on night-time storytelling. The muted child discovers a unique gift, expressing stories through dance.
Director/script writer: Carole Umulinga Karemera Music composition: Jules Kabale/Kenny Mirasano Set designer: Tambwe Amin Tchaka Production manager: Aubaine Hirwa Light & sound director: Roman Kanobana Studio producer: Michael Makembe

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