‘Mboka’ musical theatre

For the public aged 


Director: Carole Karemera

Musical composition: Cecilia Kankoonda

Lights: Ben Butera

Technical director :   Judo Kanobana

Scenography :   Alhadji Malenge et Carole Karemera

Production Manager : Didacienne Nibagwire

Actors : Solange Umuhire, Samuel Kamanzi, Joshua, Leon Mandari, Kimenyi Herve, Abdoul Mujyambere, Eliane Umuhire et Michael Sengazi


Mboka is Rwanda’s first musical which follows the story of a bookstore specialized in the history of the black world which threatens to close in order to give the space to a hair salon; two generations meet which do not understand each other. None of them finds the importance into fighting for the memory and the contribution of the black community to the humanity and choose to go with aggressive ‘capitalism’, others longing for knowledge and gratitude, fight to keep that source of knowledge in that deprived neighborhood for it to serve its inhabitants.

From there, books and respected people who live in them, big and small profiles in history will bring fear and shake the protagonists’ beliefs, confronting them with their responsibilities and the redoubtable destiny coming for this source of knowledge.

Already toured: Kinshasa, Kigali



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