Carole Umulinga Karemera

Carole Umulinga Karemera is the artistic director of Ishyo Arts Centre. Carole Karemera is a musician, saxophone player, actress, director and contemporary dancer. She joined the movie industry in 2002 and starred in films like ‘Sometimes in April’ directed by Raoul Peck, “Sounds of Sand”, directed by Marion Hansel and “Black”, by Pierre Laffargue.
In 2005, she moved to Rwanda and with eight women passionate about arts and culture, started Ishyo Arts Centre in 2006.
Under her ongoing mandate Ishyo has initiated many projects in the fields of education, memory, capacity building, behavior changes etc nationally and internationally. It has produced and coproduced festivals such as Kina Festival and Kigali Up Festival. This and a lot more have contributed to the fulfillment of Ishyo’s main objective to make culture available for everyone.
In pararrel of this, Carole Karemera is a board member of National Institute of Museums in Rwanda, a member of Academy for Language and Culture and a board member of Imbuto Foundation. She was the Deputy Secretary General of Arterial Network and the country representative of Arterial Network in Rwanda.
Recently, Carole Karemera has played in the play ‘Battlefield’ by Peter Brook which is touring in different parts of the world.
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