The play We call it love

For the public aged from 15 years

Script : FelwineSarr

Director: Denis Mpunga

Musical composition: Herve Twahirwa

Dramaturgy: Carole Karemera

Technical Director :Kanobana Roman


With: Carole Karemera et ElianeUmuhire (in alternation) Michael SengaziHervéTwahirwa

A production of Ishyo Arts Centre (Rwanda) in coproduction with ‘le Theatre de la Poudrerie’ (France)


We call it love is a “huis-clos”theatre play between a woman and her son’s murderer which questions the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation. The play highlights the 100 days of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, the silence of some perpetrators, reconstruction.


This play has already toured in Kinshasa (DRC), Paris (France) and in Kigali (Rwanda).