Richard Murigande

Literature Project Manager

Richard Murigande is a Rwandese, professor by profession. He studied literature in secondary school and arts and creative industry in the University of Rwanda. Richard has taught French, English and Swahili in the secondary school for four years.

With Ishyo, Richard is working on the literature project which comprises the library ‘Espace Madiba’ and all its activities (writing and theatre workshops for children and adults, book cafés, book clubs etc.). As the project manager he taps into all this and more to expand these goods to a lot of people and make literature especially African and Caribbean literatures more living, fun and fruitful.

Apart from this, Richard Murigande is a writer and singer and has published ‘Karinga ou Karera’, 2014, Edilivres works for the French Institute as a teacher of French language. Since 2013, he is the assessor of DELF (Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Française) which certifies the level of candidates in the French language.

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