­I art, I act Project

Cultural policy and advocacy program
1. Rwanda creative sector national action plan for arts and culture
2 . Mapping and promoting creative industries in Rwanda.
3. Strengthening the cultural and creative industries in Rwanda through the development and implementation of a five years strategic plan

­Kesho Project
The world after

Cultural cooperation project developed by Ishyo Arts Centre (Kigali / Rwanda) and Théâtre de la Poudrerie (Sevran / France) around the development of participatory arts, their potential role and the contribution of creative and cultural industries to social, environmental and human development. Humanity is facing a global health crisis that has plunged us into uncertainty, insecurity and suffering. It is as much a social disaster as it is an economic and ecological one that has affected the entire planet. This crisis has also highlighted the dysfunctions of globalisation – inequalities, democratic shortcomings, ecological disasters, and their impact on the most vulnerable people. What role will the arts and culture play in this process of reflection already underway about the world after?

­Beyond caring project

Nowadays, domestic workers are the most hardworking yet underpaid workforce in Africa. Statistics (2015) indicate that domestic workers are in majority female (83%) between 13-22 years old, exposed to all forms of abuse such as excessive hours of work (14 to 18 hours/day), domestic violence, sexual abuse, HIV, etc. To respond to some of the challenges above mentioned, « Beyond caring » project aims at encouraging intercultural dialogue and support equal dignity for all by the organization of workshops, debates, conferences facilitated by the production and diffusion of plays, designed to be performed in people’s homes, in community centers, etc. « Beyond caring » project also aims at raising awareness and support citizens participation and action for the protection of human rights.

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