We Are

A non-governmental organization dedicated to the development and promotion of culture in Rwanda. Guided by its fundamental mission of making culture accessible to all, the organization directs its activities towards a diversity of cultural & artistic projects and initiatives.

Over the past years, Ishyo has created more than 60 shows (theater, music, dance, theater for young audience, street arts, literature, screen dance and animation film) presented in Africa, Europe, North and South America. Ishyo produces and co-produces four international festivals: Kina Festival, Kuya Kwetu, Home sweet home and the Rencontres internationales du livre francophone du Rwanda.

We Do

Artistic production, research, advocacy and capacity building, as an inclusive platform, that brings together professional artists, cultural experts, creative entrepreneurs and art lovers, to create an ecosystem where artistic and cultural expression is accessible to a wide audience, while contributing to the development and professionalization of artists.


Discover our production portfolio, encompassing multilingual theater plays in Kinyarwanda, English, French, Swahili, and Kirundi. Alongside festival productions that captivate diverse audiences.


Explore our commitment to capacity building through diverse programs. From artist development initiatives to engaging programs designed for children fostering an introduction to art and literature at a young age.


Our research embraces a range of projects from education to environment and social dynamics. Our advocacy goes beyond acknowledging the pivotal role of art and culture in society, extending to the upholding of professional norms in the cci sector.

Ongoing Project

15 years after its creation, Ishyo Arts Center starts a new journey: the construction of a new arts center dedicated to support creative, experimental and cross-disciplinary arts programs and the sustainability of arts and culture in Rwanda and the sub-region: the Fabrik. This new and practical tool will be designed to accommodate young artists and will be a space to develop new skills, freely create and connect with various communities of artists, experts and audiences.

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Upcoming Events

Masa 2024

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Paper skin theater play

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Get Involved

Get involved in the mission of Ishyo Arts Centre by stepping into the heartbeat where creativity knows no bounds. Contribute uniquely to the mission of Ishyo, whether collaborating on artistic projects, supporting our initiatives, or actively engaging with us as a volunteer. Your participation adds depth and color to the Ishyo’s artistic journey. Connect with us and become an integral part of our creative mission.

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