Our Story

Ishyo Arts Centre, a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 by eight Rwandan women, is an organization working for the development and promotion of culture in Rwanda whose main mission is to “make culture accessible to all”

Ishyo is an organization that operates as a platform for professional artists, cultural experts, creative entrepreneurs, and art lovers with the main objective of making culture available for everyone.
Since its creation, Ishyo has produced more than 50 shows and events and has worked on many different projects and initiatives such as the creation of the first performing arts centre in Kigali:

Ishyo Arts Centre(2009)

Bibliobus the first moving library in Rwanda

Littafcar (online platform) & Espace Madiba (libraries)2012 which support the promotion of African and Caribbean literature,

Arts and Memory (2014) which aims to support and encourage, through arts, the preservation, promotion and democratization of the memory of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda;

Breaking-Barriers-Building Bridges 2014 aims at advocating for and empowering youth with disabilities through cultural activities.

“Small citizens” project which aims to develop theatre for a young audience in the great lakes region.

Ishyo also produces Kina Festival, the Rwandan international performing arts festival for a young audience which objective is to support children’s creativity and access to arts. Ishyo also produces and supports innovative artistic works (sounds and visual arts installations, Comedy club, Contemporary dance regional platform, acoustic, poetry night). Its capacity-building program includes advocacy, project management, entrepreneurship, professional training, skills development activities, networking for the arts, and training program creative writing, theatre, and dance.

Ishyo’s board and staff members are also committed to the Culture Policy development program and freedom of expression programs with national and international networks of like-minded organizations.



The mission of Ishyo Arts Centre is to create an authentic Rwandan cultural experience, committed to providing the highest level of artistic excellence in all aspects of the performing and visual arts and one in which the education and development of a diverse community of artists, audiences, and technicians are assured.