For children from 10 years and adults


Playwright: Carole Karemera& Barbara Barbara Kölling

Director : Carole Karemera& Barbara Barbara Kölling

Musical composition: HerveTwahirwa&ROMAN DETLEF METZNER

Actors: Eliane Umuhire, Herve Twahirwa and Herve Kimenyi, Michael Lurse, Roman Detlef Metzner, Marko Werner


My house is a play for children by Ishyo Arts Centre in collaboration with Helios Theater from Germany, examining the collective and personal memories, prints and marks. It deals with memory as a skill and a virtue, and as an essential property for shaping the future. Once completed, the production will be three-lingual; that means, the performers will be speaking English, French and German on stage – thus, the production will be touring in many countries in Africa and Europe. The aesthetics developed by the directors Barbara Kölling and Carole Karemera is inspired by contemporary, researching theatre.

This play is still in creation. The German premiere is scheduled for the 17th September 2016 in Hamm (Germany) and the show will be touring in Rwanda in November 2016.