For the public aged from 6 years


Director: Carole Karemera

Musical composition: Hassiba Halabi

Dramatist: Nicolas Grégoire – based on the musical album Pitocha in the country of one thousand hills by Ogres de Barback.

Prop designers: Timothy Wandulu and France Messiaen.

Costumes: Jacques Sindabye.


“My little hill” is a journey of sounds and rhythm, in the heart of Africa, more precisely in the land of a thousand hills well known as Rwanda.

Through the eyes and the friendship of two children coming from different parts of the world, we explore the complex origin and expression of conflict, but above all, witness the celebration of cultural diversity and life.

This story will have you discover games, songs, and dances from the Rwandan culture, while bringing to the stage children’s questions about the country’s recent historical events.


This play has already toured in Germany, France, Sweden and Rwanda.