For the public aged from 3 years and above 


The bibliobus is a 15 long meter mobile library carrying thousands of books and traveling with librarians and professional storytellers to schools, centers, festivals in the country since 2007.  These librarians, storytellers, and comedians reenact stories from books presented to the public. By bringing these stories to life, and in music, they create a lively world for students to see how messages conveyed through words in Kinyarwanda English and french; can be transformed in theater scenes, capable of drawing their attention to a world with which they may not be too familiar. This bibliobus has recently toured in almost 10 primary schools in Northern Province for the very first book festival in Rwanda during February 2015. The activities duration is maximum 1 hour 30 minutes.

Location and Methodology

  • We work with schools and children centers
  • Depending on funds we set calendars that are convenient for our audiences
  • We take time to develop the content together with our librarians, comedians, and mentors
  • We draw a map for the tour
  • Tour
  • Conducting evaluations afterward to measure the impact.

What we offer

  • Expertise
  • Training for professionals storytellers, Comedian, librarians
  • Develop, Coordinate and implement the tour of the mobile library