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“Our House”, the co-production of Ishyo Arts Centre and Helios Theatre

                                            “You don’t live here anymore.” The Ensemble of “Our House” is now reunited and in the midst of in the third and last set of rehearsals before the premiere. How to build a house? What is it like […]

Mboka The Musical performances on the 11th and 12th August 2016 at Rwanda Revenue Authority Hall

  Ishyo Arts Centre brings you the amazing performances of  ‘Mboka The Musical’ on Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th August 2016 at 7pm . Directed by Carole Karemera with an incredible cast including Eliane Umuhire, Carole Karemera, Michael Sengazi, Eric Soul, Eric 1Key, Nirere Shanel, Moise Mutangana, Samuel […]


‘Mboka’ musical theatre For the public aged    Director: Carole Karemera Musical composition: Cecilia Kankoonda Lights: Ben Butera Technical director :   Judo Kanobana Scenography :   Alhadji Malenge et Carole Karemera Production Manager : Didacienne Nibagwire Actors : Solange Umuhire, Samuel Kamanzi, Joshua, Leon Mandari, Kimenyi Herve, Abdoul Mujyambere, Eliane Umuhire et Michael Sengazi   […]